Kind Words from Others

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Click image to purchase Stories on iTunes


"I just finished listening through Stories by Chrysanthe Tan. It's a piece of art. It's gorgeous, it's thought provoking, it will more than likely make you cry, it's just beautiful. It also makes me want to play music more. If you love music, give yourself this gift. It's not often that I really fall in love with new music, but seriously, this is just everything I love about what music can do. Inspiring and beautiful in a million ways." --Marie


"Road Tripping is probably my favorite. Great to paint to."


"Your music is so cinematic, so story-driven (even if I have no idea what the story is), that it evokes imagery just as powerful as a film score can make someone relive a scene from a movie...only...there is no scene, so anything that it invokes is purely the imagination of the listener on overdrive from your music." -- Roman Colombo, author of Trading Saints for Sinners

"...gorgeous, arresting and contemplative, intelligent and mature, and exudes quiet power with incredible tenderness."


"Listening to Stories all day, and it's perfect before sleeping. Pulse and A New Start are two of my favorites."

"So extra moving and beautiful. Most of the songs made me teary. Music often moves me, but rarely to that extent."
"I have a good feeling I'm gonna sleep well tonight."
"It was like getting lost in a sea of sounds, colors, and feelings. I loved every second of it."

"Chrysanthe Tan took the black decor of MiMoDa and ignited it with Elves, Lilies, Rooftops, and Dawn...every moment I felt if I missed one note it meant loss, irreplaceable, irretrievable loss. Every smile and furrowed brow, every lifted eyebrow, was perfect accompaniment to the strings and keys that gave voice to the Unfolding, Pulse and Playground of our journey. My new companion on the sluggish drive down the 405."


"If you like Yann Tiersen, Gustavo Santaolalla, Ryuichi Sakamoto or any so called 'film music' you just found your next favorite composer! After a serious hard time my soul is refreshed." --Maryama, composer/artist