Stories Album Release Concert

On July 10, 2015, my local loved ones and supporters packed LA's beautiful MiMoDa Studio for an intimate release concert of my Stories album, my proudest complete work to date. It was a magical night. Thank you so much to all who attended, both in person and in spirit. Below, you'll find video clips, a photo gallery (mostly captured by Mandy Stoller and my mom, Teri Kapiniaris Tan), and the full performance video (shot by Victoria Innocenzi). 


live performance clips


Photo Gallery

full Performance video


thank you to everyone who made this event possible:

Kiara Ana Perico - viola

Adrienne Woods - cello

Robert Perez - piano

Sean Hayward - musical director

Justin Scheid - front of house engineer

Madeline Falcone - event producer

Victoria Innocenzi - videographer

Teri Kapiniaris Tan & Whole Foods Market - catering

Mandy Stoller - photographer

Realist pickups by David Gage

Venue DIs by L.R. Baggs