Producer Patrons

The following people are certified patrons of the arts that I am grateful to be acquainted with. Each person listed is an esteemed "Producer" on Patreon and supporter of the future of the creative arts.

Sean Bradley

Urvi Nagrani

Teri Kap Tan

Song Tan

Nic Tan








Sean Hayward: Composer/Guitarist

Juliann Ma: Pianist

Kiara Ana Perico: Violist

Adrienne Woods: Cellist

Madeline Falcone: Violinist/Violist/Producer

Mandy Parnell: Mastering Engineer of Black Saloon Studios

Corey Waters: Cinematographer

Cheryl Angel: Painter, Visual Artist

Mina Shoaib: Graphic Designer

Leslie Scott: Choreographer, BodyArt Dance Company

Tyler Ford: Writer/LGBTQA Consultant/Model/Personality