Double Dance Quartet

A composition-choreography collaboration with Leslie Scott of BODYART NYC. 

This original inspiration for this collaboration was the outdoor installation work of Danish artist Jeppe Hein

We combined my string quartet with her dance quartet, working closely throughout the composition and choreography process. This performance was an incipient read-through, and this particular staging ended up not being the final one, which was lost on tape but is immortalized in our memories.

Dancers: Jenna Eady, Yvonne Lacombe, Dina Lasso, Joan Holly.

Musicians: Chrysanthe Tan, Yvette Holzwarth, Joy Yi, David Mason


negative space

An earlier iteration of the Jeppe Hein double dance quartet with Leslie Scott. This version employed a double duet with the same musical theme arranged for recorded piano and live amplified violin. Dancers: Jenna Eady and Yvonne Lacombe.


Celetná: breaking the 4th wall

Choreographer Dina Lasso and I explored breaking of the fourth wall with a mixture of diagetic vs. nondiagetic music and choreographed vs. spontaneous movement across the stage. We gathered a dozen of random friends and other people to crowd the stage at the end with no prior knowledge of what the piece was about.

The music incorporated field recordings I took at a folk festival in Prague.


Human Canvas

My song "White Lilies" in Illma Gore's video introducing her Human Canvas project.