Coaching Services

Why I Care 

Private instrument lessons (and other specialized training) are incredibly important for a young artist's career, but what about all of the "stuff" outside of that? Music and arts are one of the few industries where it is common to undergo extensive, expensive training in craft and performance while devoting zero time or resources toward learning business, promotion, and professional skills.

I grew up a classically trained violinist and pianist with no real music career examples, other than teaching or playing in an orchestra. I was so lost after college that I nearly quit music, convinced that a career in the arts would unattainable in this day and age. 

 Photo by Angela So

Photo by Angela So

Luckily, I kept on trucking and eventually learned how to construct a music career the hard way: trial and error. It took a million failures and learning opportunities, dozens of expensive entrepreneurial courses, coaches, and books, and just learning through doing.

Today, I am a full-time independent musician. And while coaching is not the main focus of my career, my desire to help young musicians succeed grows every day.


Who Can I Help? 

I take on select college (undergrad and grad) and high school students who are serious about pursuing a musical career. It doesn't matter the instrument or genre, as long as you are serious, have an open mind, and are willing to dedicate the time and effort. Parents, if this is something you'd like for your teenager, please make sure they are completely on board as well -- I want to treat each student like a young professional, not like someone who was coerced into another "lesson!" 😉 

Spots are limited, as I want to give ample attention to each person while maintaining my own performance and composition career. If I run out of slots in a given month, I'll keep interested students on the waiting list for the next month.


What Coaching Entails 

Sessions are conducted primarily through Skype and are completely customized based on each young professional's interests, current skills, and goals. I have coached and mentored numerous people on the following: 

  • Artistic Skills
    • improvising, composing, and writing
    • ear training, playing things by ear
    • how to record yourself from home
    • introduction to notation software
    • basic visual design tools for non-designers
    • planning shows, going on tour
    • planning an album
  • Entrepreneurial topics
    • building or refining your website (without knowing code) 
    • understanding copyright and royalties
    • selling & releasing your music on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc 
    • promoting your music
    • crowdfunding
    • professional networking
    • building a fan base
    • negotiating rates 
    • effective social media strategies
    • writing a compelling artist bio 
  • Effective goal setting, time management, and mindset
    • identifying your stumbling blocks, fears, strengths, and goals
    • coming up with actionable goals
    • coming up with a plan to get you achieving your goals
    • accountability - Students will always leave a session with a task they must complete before our next session. These self-determined tasks are meant to move you along in your goals with the help of a personal cheerleader (me) on your shoulder.

NOTE: I do not teach traditional classical violin lessons; my coaching should be in addition to whatever other instrumental/specialized training you currently pursue. I am happy to recommend stellar colleagues of mine.



Different people learn best in different ways. Thus, I offer a variety of coaching options based on your lifestyle and communication preferences.

  • Private Coaching
    • $60 per 1/2 hour Skype session 
    • $100 per one hour Skype session 
    • $200 for a package of four 1/2 hour Skype sessions (save $40)
      • Usually occurring once per week
    • $350 for a package of four hour-long Skype sessions (save $50)
      • Usually occurring once per week


  • Unlimited Email Consultation
    • $75/month for unlimited email consultation only
      • Good option for self-motivated achievers with specific questions.
      • Great for those who like email communication, appreciate information in writing, are constantly on the go, and/or prefer to think things out by writing them down.
      • A consistent, affordable option for most. Cancel or pause anytime.
    • $100/month for unlimited email consultation + one 45 minute Skype/phone session to check progress
      • The additional 45-minute Skype session helps to ensure accountability.
      • Great for those who want a powerful jumpstart (private coaching) every month but appreciate the ample space to experiment and get things done during the month.
      • This option was designed as a result of what I've found to work best for me.
      • Also consistent and affordable. Cancel or pause anytime.


  • Other
    • Educators, teachers, companies, organizers, please contact me directly if you have specific alternative arrangements, class workshops, speaking engagements, etc in mind.


Next steps

If you are interested in coaching with me, please click the "Contact" button below. Select "Student Coaching & Mentorship" as the purpose. I'll respond in a timely manner, so we can get the ball rolling! Feel free to contact with any questions or specific inquiries as well. I look forward to working with you!

 photo by Angela So

photo by Angela So

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