How Shame, Secrets, and Hang-Ups Affect Our Art - Join the Chat this Sunday!

Hi everyone,

I'm really excited (and nervous) to be hosting my first Twitter chat this Sunday, May 8th, at 6pm PDT! I will be leading a discussion about shame, secrets, and hang-ups -- or more specifically, how these things affect our music and art-making practice. The chat will be hosted on Twitter under the hashtag #musochat, so yes, you do need a Twitter account to participate. If you've never heard of these, Musochats are weekly, informal discussions on topics of "classical and new music." Always at 6pm (AKA 9pm EST) on Sundays. Always on Twitter. If you don't use Twitter but would like to add your two cents to this discussion, feel free to make a comment here, and I'll put forth your thoughts to the forum (either crediting you or anonymous, if you prefer). After the conversation, I'll post a recap and a link to the Storify summary. 

Here's the official description:

Even the most confident and accomplished musician has hangups and experiences shame from time to time. These things can sometimes hinder our work. Perhaps when utilized a certain way, they can also help our work? I’d love to create a judgment-free space for us to share and bear witness to one another’s thoughts and feelings. Perhaps we have more in common than we think. Either way, I find that honest communication and expression often carve a path to more genuine art-making.

Photo by Elizabeth Lies, courtesy of Unsplash

I'm stoked to engage in this important discussion. See you there, or see you on the other side!